Giving and receiving care is a main element of Rule the Sky. You can help your friends earn gold and XP and maintain close friendships with them. Care is given to crops and fruit trees.

Requesting CareEdit

When you see the care icon floating above a friends icon, you know they have crops or trees to be cared for.
Care icon

Care icon

Once at the friend's flotia, either click the large Care icon to the right or click any crop or fruit tree without hearts above it to offer care.
Crops and care

Crops with and without accepted care.

Care can be given twice a day for each friend.

Accepting CareEdit

When the icon to the right appears over your crops or trees, click it to accept a friend's care.
Crops care accept

Crops waiting for Care to be accepted.

Map care

When the Care icon appears on the map, this island has crops or trees to be cared for on a friend's flotia. If this is your map, a friend has requested care at this island and it is waiting on your acceptance,