Crops are grown for gold and XP.

Crops growing pink daises

Crops of pink daises growing.

Growing and Fertilizing CropsEdit

To grow crops, build a farm using the Shop menu. Then, click on the hand icon to open the crop list.


Click to open crop list and select a crop to grow

Each crop has a different grow time. This is also the amount of time it will be available for harvest after it's grown. Example: strawberries take one minute to grow. You will have one minute to harvest them before they rot and must be cleared. Hint: In the crop list, click plant all to automatically plant crops in all open farms. This will not allow you to cancel the crop while they are growing, though.

Crop list

Crop list featuring rewards, grow time, and cost of each different type of crop.

Drag and hold clouds over crops to fertilize them. This doesn't affect grow time or increase rewards, but it does make a cute little rainbow over the crops.
Crop fertilize

Crops being fertilized by a cloud.

Fertilized crops

Fertilized crops

To care for a friends crops, click any crop without care hearts above it. You can also refresh rotten crops.

See: Care